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tanbbang-the burnt bread

I graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with Master of Science in Information Design and Technology. Besides I have Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and another Master of Art in Mass Communication, specialty in Organizational Communication and Mass Communication.

My primary interest is to suggest media to people in a very personalized form with which, for instance, one website can be seen and read in numerous different ways from the user-side. I experimented this concept in my graduate project, "On-Site User-Involved Customization for the Online Newspaper." My study proves that this idea is very effective to reach the user and has various applications in practical businesses. The study includes usability, visual design, and HCI principles. I also have strong interests and hands-on skill in 3D modeling and animation, multimedia design, and graphic design.

A good design is understated and lets the user concentrate on the information being presented.                  - Peter Bickford -


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