Project Summary

Title: UPLIFT - Enabling Latent Human Capability Through Gaming

Student Researcher: Nathanael Hsien-Ern Ng

Committee: Prof. Diane Gromala; Prof. Michael Mateas; Prof. Christopher Shaw

Defended in: Spring 2005

Uplift is a game which is intended to induce the mental state known as 'flow' in the player. The game will accomplish this in several ways: it will be highly malleable, allowing users to adapt it to create optimal conditions for themselves. It will support varying levels of visual abstraction and visual clarity, and finally it will support a biofeedback/neurofeedback interface to allow it to measure and react to the player's level of tension/relaxation.

Current Status

The Uplift prototype is complete and will be available for download shortly. Copies of the proposal, the defense slides and the final design document are also available here.

View/download the proposal

View/download the final design document

View/download the defense slides

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